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How To - Bundle (Family) Memberships

After you’ve chosen a family bundle membership pack, and completed the online payment process, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this.

Look for an email that will contain your login information.  On the web page, look for the orange icon with the word "Login" next to it.  Click on the orange icon, enter login information that was emailed to you, and click "Login".  You can change your password later to something that you can more easily remember later, from the same orange icon.

Accept the Terms of Use and click "Continue".

Go back and click on the orange icon.  This time, select "View Profile".

This will bring you to a "My Profile" page.  Scroll down the page until, if you entered a 2 or more person family Bundle membership, you find "Bundle Summary".  Near the top of the "Bundle Summary" you'll find the number of people you purchased for the bundle (Bundle Limit) and how many spots have already been allocated (Used So far).  Below that, you will see an "Add Member" button.

Click the "Add Member" button and you will be brought to a page where you can complete the information for the additional members of your Bundle.

Once you have completed, and submitted, this new entry you are returned to the "Membership Details" for the entry you just submitted.  Near the top, in blue" there is a link for "Return to bundle list and your own profile".  Click here if you wish to add more members to your Bundle.

Otherwise, you can just return to your profile to review your profile.  And you're done!

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