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How to Change My Membership Level

  • 01/27/2018 2:43 PM
    Message # 5705012

    This how you might change your membership level from a Single Member level to Bundle, or Family, group membership.  Or, back to a sigle member level.  Just follow the directions below to change your membership level.  If you have a problem following these steps, just reply to any Austin Aquanauts email and we'll reach out to you.

    CAUTION! Changing your membership level completely resets your membership and starts over.  Meaning, there is no proration of fees.  Any time left over from your existing\previous membership will be erased.  Some feel it's best to wait until your existing membership is about to expire before changing your membership level.  If you just signed up and realized you selected the incorrect membership, please reply to any Austin Aquanauts email and we'll get in touch to work it out.

    Step one is to log on to the Austin Aquanauts web site at

    Now, look for the orange icon with your login ID next to it.  Click the icon to drop down a menu and then click "View Profile".

    This will bring you to a "My Profile" page.  Scroll down the page and find "Profile" (under Edit Profile).  Click that.  In some instances, you may already be on the Profile page and can move to the next step.

    Once the Profile page has loaded, scroll down until you see the section called "Membership Level".  Next the Membership Level you will see your current membership level in bold.  Next to that, you should see a link named "Change".

    Once you've clicked Change, you should be taken to a page listing all of your options for membership.  Select your new level, note the level change warning, and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

    You will now be brought to a "Membership Level Change" page where you'll verify the new membership level, and all of your membership data, then click "Update and Next"

    Now, you will be brought to a final confirmation page.  Click the "Pay Online" but to complete the process.

    If you increased your membership level to a multi-member Bundle (family bundle), and need assistance adding to members to yoru new bundle, you can follow the help document "How-To: Bundle memberships".

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